If its your birthday, well happy birthday! We also encourage you to celebrate the anniversary you signed up your first rewards card with us. We do not give bonus points you’re your birthday, but we do give you a whopping 500 points for your anniversary with Second Cup.

Give yourself a pat in the back, via your loyalty to us you have gotten yourself extra points! If you dont see them right away, enjoy that coffee and relax, they usually have a delay of 7 days before they appear in your account.

Download our app via the Apple App Store or Google Play:



Open the app, select the sign-in section situated at the top right.
Sign in using existing rewards account details.

If you have forgotten your password, please press forgot password.

For app: Download app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.



Open app and on the top left, select option that will let you create account.

Fill out needed information.

If you do not have a code, you can leave promo code blank.

If you have a code (referral, promotion, etc.) please provide us that code.

Carte physique: Visit https://secondcup.com/en/rewards

Please fill in your 19-digit card number, as well as email, name, and password.

Last step is to simply check the agreement button and press submit.

The more you’re in the know the better you feel. We at second cup take it at heart to provide all the necessary information about our products, please click on the following link.


Thank you for considering working with us at one of our awesome cafés. As Second Cup cafés are each individually owned and operated, each Franchise Partner is responsible for his or her own staff hiring. Our best suggestion to you would be to visit the cafes that you are interested in working at and hand in your resume in person.

We encourage you to contact your local Second Cup café directly as they would be your best source for support regarding your sponsorship/donation request. In order to locate the nearest café within your area, feel free to utilize our Café Locator Tool provided below:

Well, we have good news to announce! Your points are best friends with a virtual fountain of youth! They do not expire, giving you the chance to spend in what ever manner you enjoy. Either be a periodic free coffee every week or trying to prove to you colleagues you can accumulate more points then they can, the choice is yours!

Well hello fellow loyal costumers of the world!
It seems like you need to contact us, but you are in the wrong website.

Please visit: https://www.mysecondcup.com/

Need to impress a group and want to stand out by providing high level of quality coffee? We can help you! Click in the following link to find the nearest location.

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